Project Description

The Similix Sketch Tool is a tool for making sketches of future installations in the utility network. It enables project managers, engineers and designers to express initial design considerations and also requirements in quickly drawn sketches. As a result, these sketches will then be the foundation for the detailed design of the actual solution.

With the Similix Sketch Tool, you are therefore getting a professional tool for sketching. You are also getting a tool, that will streamline your work processes and therefore shorten the time from customer request to delivered service.

My tasks was to make sure there was a good and understandable collaboration between designers and developers – also called “Designer-Developer Collaboration”. In this collaboration, I was responsible for creating and presenting detailed mockups and prototypes. As we were working with UX Lead principles , our developers was introduced to mockups and prototypes through daily standups, where the goal was to make sure they get a thorough understanding of the entire user flow and functionality.