I developed Bambui's webshop and its entire payment system. I am proud to present Bambui, which is one of the fastest growing sustainable webshops in Denmark. The focus of Bambui is on a webshop that is in synergy with their brand and visual identity, and that it should be easy for users to navigate the [...]



Together with Techdio I have designed a website where the focus was on the visual identity to match the company identity when you visit them in Hellerup. The process has been challenging and inspiring, where I, together with founder and co-owner Sarkis Derbedrossian, reviewed the entire UX package - including user interviews, user test, website [...]



Takeasy missed a partner who was able to handle and advise on everything from website and app design to online marketing. Today I have a close collaboration, which has brought good results. I have provided a transparent and conversion optimized ordering system for Takeasy, to which they have received tremendous positive feedback from customers.

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